Strong together

If you wish to offer your guests the very best you need strong partners who have skills that complement your own. Fortunately we have a few very special ones.

Since 1999 Christian Mittermeier has been a member of the JRE organisation, a group of young restaurant operators who wish to share their talent and passion with like-minded people. They cover 350 restaurants and 160 hotels across 15 countries: Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Slovenia and Spain.

The young chefs maintain great solidarity with each other and enjoy sharing their cooking skills and experiences. As a guest in any JRE restaurant  you will be sure to relish the passion of the chef in question.

JRE Genussnetz members conjure up the most delicate dishes for their guests every day. But what would they be without the first-class producers from whom they source their goods? “A product is only as good as its origins,” one of them once said. And that’s why only the best of the best are considered for the vital raw materials and for drinks. The young chefs and Germany’s top food producers form a culinary symbiosis in a network which is unbeatable for quality and enjoyment.

The new JRE Genussnetz stands for absolute quality, guaranteed sustainability and the preservation of regional and varietal specialties. The aim is to support, inspire and inspire one another and to exchange innovations and information, so that this team spirit can take on new dimensions. The products from the trust bar in Mittermeier’s Alter Ego originate to a large extent from members of the network.

Ulli and Christian are self-confessed porcelain fetishists. For more than 20 years they have been involved in a close, friendly dialogue with this world brand, which more than any other stands for exclusive porcelain collections and design objects.

Rosenthal is one of the most traditional and at the same time most modern brands in Germany. Today, just as when it was founded more than 135 years ago, Rosenthal develops products that make an impact with their form, function, quality and craftsmanship. As a piece of cultural heritage made in Germany they set benchmarks for consistent innovation and creativity.

At Rosenthal the established greats of architecture, design and art as well as the most talented newcomers create avant-garde collections for beautifully set tables, fabulous gifts and upscale furnishing.

For 15 years Christian Mittermeier has enjoyed a close cooperation on many levels with the globally active Swedish Electrolux Group and its AEG brand. Rothenburg is a development and production site for household appliances, and AEG has its headquarters in nearby Nuremberg.

Christian Mittermeier is a consultant and source of ideas in device development, and presents innovations around the world as a “global brand ambassador”. In the immediate vicinity, right at the other end of the city, the Villa Mittermeier team with the Tastelab are responsible for a facility which combines a cookery school, exhibition and conference area on 500 m².

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Prof. Martin Schroth, architect and “Master of Arts in Advanced Architectural Design M.A. (AAD) – to give him his full title – is the Mittermeiers’ favourite architect. His professorship in Trier (Professor for Digital Construction and Design) and his studio only a few hundred metres from the hotel make him the perfect partner. Whenever Ulli and Christian Mittermeier reach their limits in terms of design and implementation they turn to Martin Schroth for help. Linked to them by friendship and always looking for an even better solution, he has made Mittermeiers Alter Ego what it is today.

Of course, behind every strong man there is an equally strong woman: Melanie Schroth pulls all the strings and controls the team. Because Mittermeier’s Alter Ego will (hopefully) never be quite finished and because we love building things, we are looking forward to many more joint projects.

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